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Sieger = "victor" in German

"S touch sheet" with high spin performance & "grab and fly" "PK50 sponge"

Feel confident because the arc is high! The strength to attack even if you lose your posture or are late!

The probability that the rally will end by the 4th ball is about 60%, and it is an absolute requirement to improve the skill that decides the game during that time!

Reviews and reviews

■ You can play by the 4th ball!

I'm not confident in serve receive, tabletop, block, Tsuttsuki, and Chiquita. That is why it is attractive to be able to maximize this technology!

■ The arc line is high!

You can challenge various drives depending on how you put out the surface, bend, run away, stretch etc.

It is a strength to be able to attack even after you lose your posture!

■ A sense of security to fly up!

Because the arc line is high, the ball will not fall in the middle!

If you shake it up a little, you can hit a stable drive!

Even if the ball is hit halfway, it is easy to enter the opponent's court because the ball goes up.

Even if you shake it late, you can hit a stable ball, so there is a sense of security!

■ Tsuttsuki is a fork in the game!

Because it runs out, you can make an aggressive tsutsuki, and this is also effective!

Some people can't lift it even if they cut it, right? There are people who are not good at backing and fly away, right? It feels like even such a person can do it, and if you poke it at an angle, you can do it!

■ Because it's Nittaku!

A feeling of conviction developed by Nittaku, which has a series of tension-type and sticky hit rubbers! I want students to use adhesive, but it's difficult to handle and I can't master it.

Made in Germany 

 Speed Spin Hardness
14.75 12.75 40.0
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