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Offfensive, 7 Ply Kiso Hinoki wood.

Kaori Kiso and the skill of elaborate craftsmen.

A unique shot feeling of high-class Kiso cypress.
All Kiso cypress 7 plywood.

One that you want to use at the stage of mastering various variations of striking methods such as tabletop, angle striking, and driving.
With the power of 7 plywood and an average weight, it is easy to handle and allows repeated hits from the middle team.
Recommended for players who value the balance of offense and defense.

Size- Blade: 157 x 150mm

          Grip: ST 101 x 23mm/FL 101 x 24.5mm

Made in Japan

Speed Touch Weight  Thickness
Mid Hard 85+/-g 6.7 mm


One size fits all