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Rapid Smash Punch is "Horiki Rapid"

Rapid! Sharp service!

Rapid! Speed ​​smash!

A "pop-out" rubber with the image of "hitting" and "flicking" specializing in smash.

It goes well with a wood-based (non-carbon) racket that has good ball retention, and can bring out a punchy play!


Rigiki Rapid ~Made in Japan~

The "Goriki" series that can be relied on for its strength that cannot be surpassed by the skill of the athlete alone.

Everything is "to make the best use of the player's individuality".

And that thought led to the completion of "Goriki" rubber.

Supervised by Rokuro Sakuma, who raised Japanese national team players with unique equipment.

Country of Origin-Japan

 Speed Spin Hardness
15.25 11.75 40.0


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