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Power First !!

Even when you can't make a clean hit, you will feel the grab and power to make the distance. Exceed your rival in a close match.

Even if you lose your posture at the moment of impact, you can get a long distance while maintaining the feeling of grasping and flying!

Even if you catch the ball thinly, the non-slip feeling is outstanding!

 Fastarc- It is a gear that top players choose to win, with the development concept of a ball trajectory that draws Fast and Arc.

 Tension power sheet- Tension spin sheet" that realizes outstanding power with a rubber component and grain shape that has an excellent grip feeling.
Since the grain shape is slightly thinner and wider than the G-1 and C-1 sheets, the ball bites very well, creating a speed that overwhelms the opponent.

 Strong sponge- captures and pushes the ball firmly while giving a hard shot feeling, creating even more power in the ball.

Country of Origin- Germany

 Speed Spin Hardness
15.50 12.25 Medium 
One size fits all