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SO-TEN (Blue Sky) "New"

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High trajectory born from flexibility!

Category- Shake Hand
Classification- Attack
Plywood Vonfiguration- 5 sheets + 2, Inner Type KVC3
Size- Blade: 158 x 152mm
         Grip: ST 100 x 22.5mm, FL 100 x 24.5mm
 Speed Touch Weight Thickness
Mid Frist Middle 88±g 5.7mm

By placing the new material "KVC3" on the inner side while achieving both "grasp" and "flying distance", which are the themes of the Aya series, we have created a racket that produces a higher trajectory.

While having an unbeatable repulsive force, excellent ball holding makes it possible to control as you imgine.

The grip has a snug fit that leaves no space between your hand and the racket, allowing you to swing without straining.

Country of origin- Japan

One size fits all