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Offensive, Shake, 5 Ply+ Kevlar Carbon 

Get all-around power An exhilarating shot feeling! Even if you hit it lightly, it will bounce well, so you can learn various techniques and fight!

Power drive type!

A bouncy drive!
Plywood with excellent repulsive force demonstrates its strength even in long-distance meetings!
 It is perfect for players who want to expand the range of attacks with various plays!
The slightly hard shot feeling is fast! Because it comes out, compatibility with spin type rubber that draws an arc is outstanding!

 Size- Blade: 157 x 150mm

           Grip: ST 100 x 23mm/FL 100x 24mm

Made in China 

 Speed Touch Weight Thickness
Fast Hard  85 g+/- 5.8 mm
One size fits all