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Beat Act

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This sense of stability changes the footwork!

Carve a rhythmic footwork!

Top protect gear that supports your feet from violent movements and shocks!

The fit that provides a sense of unity with the foot reduces power loss and enables agile movement.

* Whole Featurs *

01 ・ A block pattern with high braking force that promises a quick turn.

02 ・ A large honeycomb with high front and rear braking force on the toes and less friction when sliding.

-A double-structured honeycomb that increases braking force when stepping on strongly is installed on the out side.

03 ・ Inner round shape that facilitates smooth slide and pivot movement.

04 ・ 8mm flat laces that are hard to loosen and are durable.

-A specially shaped loop that prevents slippage during play.

05 ・ PU toe guard that is resistant to friction.

-Round toe that does not interfere with finger movement.

06 ・ Lightweight double mesh with excellent breathability. 

-The inside and out sides have a side belt design that enhances the fit and prevents lateral shake.

-Equipped with a heel pad that gently holds the foot inside.

-The outside is a heel counter that fits the calcaneus.

-Ventilation system and ventilation holes that work with the insole and upper to keep the inside of the shoe comfortable.

-Built-in thick shock absorber anti-shock system in the heel of the midsole.


* Arch support insole *
Recommended for such people.
Anyway, a light insole is good. Emphasis on cushioning.

[Ventilation Hall]

Vents on the entire forefoot work with the upper mesh and outsole vents. Increases breathability in shoes.

[Anatomical shape]
 Supports the arch of the foot.

[Wave type bottom]

The shape emphasizes cushioning. Ultra lightweight design.

Material -Upper / PU x double mesh
                 Midsole / EVA
                  Outsole / rubber

Color- Navy x Pink (Sliver + Black is only available in size 250 JPN (7 UAS, 39 1/2 EUR) and size 280 JPN (10 USA, 43 EUR)

 Remarks-Accessories: Actsack (shoe bag) included. 

Made in China/Vietnam


Size (cm) 220 225 230 235 240 245 250 255 260 265 270  275 280
Size (Eur) 36½ 37 37½ 38 38½ 39 39½ 40 40½ 41 41½ 42 42½